Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Night

The Avengers is out in theaters.

The boys, being boys, wanted to see it.  After doing some research on it (because it is PG-13), we decided that they could watch it.  I don't remember any profanity. There were no sexual scenes or innuendos. It was just heroes fighting bad guys and heroes fighting each other for dominance.  That is it.

Once school was out, the boys and I walked down to the local theater to get the movie tickets for the showing later that night.  If you have been to our town, you might recall that the movie theater is on the opposite side of town from us, probably a few  miles.  Nevertheless, we walked over to it, bought our tickets and walked back home with a detour at the playground.   We were gone for two hours, but it was two hours well spent.

Bonnie's play is this week. We will probably go on Friday to watch it.  I asked her how her play practices here compare to the ones she did in North Carolina with our home school group.  She thought our home school group plays were better organized and more productive.  She said this group has yet to go through the whole play yet and they are performing Friday!  I know it will turn out fine and will get lots of pictures.


  1. We're all excited to see the Avengers, because we really like Iron Man. You'll have to come back and let us know how you liked the movie.

    Tell Bonnie to break a leg! I sure wish I could see her in that!

  2. The movie was awesome. We all loved it. I don't want to say too much because I will spoil it, but it is a definite, must see.