Friday, April 27, 2012

She's Always Good for a Laugh...

Whenever Alyssa is around, you know you are going to end up laughing.
Yesterday, we took the middle schoolers and high schoolers out for pizza and bowling to conclude our AWANA year.  On the ride home, Alyssa spontaneously shouts out, "Let's sing!"
Alyssa - "The wheels on the bus, go...."
Susan - "We're not in a bus!"
Alyssa - "The wheels on the car, go round and ...."
Kellie - "We're not in a car!"
Alyssa - "The wheels on the van go round and round, round and round, (Everybody sing), round and round"
" All through Wenatchee."
Susan - "We're Not in Wenatchee."
Alyssa - "All through Cashmere"

Verse 2 was "the mom in the van said 'Do you want me to pull over this van?'"

Verse 3 "Who made that stinch?"

After a few more rousing verses, she then switched to...
"If you're bald and you know, rub your head....If you're bald and you know it, rub your head....If your bald and you  know, then your head will surely show it....If you're bald and you know it, rub your head."

Yep, we had a lot of fun and laughs on the way home.  

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