Saturday, April 28, 2012

It has been a busy Saturday.  It started at 8 am with Todd getting out his chainsaw and cutting down our neighbor's tree.   The boys helped clear brush and spotted Todd while he worked.  I worked on cleaning out the back area of our house of weeds, leaves, and vines.  Todd then cleaned up and left to officiate a couple of baseball games while I moved to the front of the house to work on the flower beds.  By noon, I called it quits so that I could clean up and walk downtown to pick up a book that I had ordered for a gal in church.  After my trip to town the kids and I drove down to see Todd officiate his games.  My niece, Ashley, was playing softball as well so we visited her game too.  By three we were back home and Todd wanted us to go hit a round of golf. 

This was the second time for the kids and I to play.  Todd has been going out to the course a couple of times a week.   This time we took Denny along.  He is the gentleman who graciously gave us a golf course membership for the family.  We all did a lot better today.  I actually got in a few decent hits.  Brian is again a natural at sports.  Bryce is having fun and doing well.  Bonnie is feeling pretty sick with a cold so she stayed home.  We walked the course for two hours and made it through 6 holes. (It takes alot longer to golf when you can't hit it very far.). Todd is coming down with a head cold and I had dinner waiting for us so we decided to call it quits.  After dinner, I hopped on the bike and rode around.  When I think back on our day, I am very pleased with the amount of work done, the amount of exercise accomplished, and the amount of family time spent.  It was a busy but good Saturday.

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