Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day

Doing anything this President's Day?  Shopping?  Sleeping in?  School?

We aren't doing much.  Bonnie has been gone all weekend at various youth events.  She began the weekend at a Winter Blast that is for all the youth from all the northwest Grace churches.  She had a ton of fun and was making friends, but I had to pull her out yesterday afternoon to attend another youth function. Bonnie goes to a youth group at another church in Cashmere and they are participating in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine.  I wouldn't have let her go, but before she realized both events were on the same weekend, she had several people sponsor her to go on a fast for the event and raised quite a bit of money.  So she went over to their youth event which included ice skating, inflatables, dodge ball, and a community service project today.  At three they break their fast for a pizza party and then she comes home.  I am pretty anxious for her.  By yesterday her voice was almost gone, but she insisted that she felt fine and was ready for the next all nighter.  I told her she can plan on sleeping in all day tomorrow.

Todd is back at the church with all the youth that are visiting with us.  They plan on taking off at noon.  Once they are gone, Todd is hoping to go kayaking.  He really needs a break from it all and that is his best way to relax.  Fortunately, he has no school tomorrow so he can stay home and sleep in as well.

The boys are soaking up all the tv and wii time that they can.  Later today, they are swimming at one of the hotels in town with a friend, then it is a pizza party tomorrow for a friend's birthday.

Me...more house cleaning and cooking for tonight's Bible study.   Exciting right?

On a serious note, our town is mourning today.  Three locals were caught in an avalanche yesterday while skiing at Stevens Pass.  You might have heard about it on the national news.  All three were experts and were doing everything right when it comes to skiing in an avalanche prone area, but there are no guarantees and they were caught in the avalanche and died.  I did not know the men but some of my friends did.  It is another reminder that we are not guaranteed our next breath and need to know where we stand with God today.

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