Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Gourmet Meal

For Christmas, Bonnie received a subscription to Taste of Home magazine.  In the latest edition, she spotted a recipe that she wanted to try so she got to make the meal tonight.
 Bonnie got busy browning the chicken.  A friend of mine gave me garlic olive oil from the Oil and Vinegar Cellar  in Leavenworth.  Boy, did that smell yummy as the chicken cooked in it. While Bonnie was busy with the chicken Alyssa diced up some portabella mushrooms and garlic.

 Doesn't that chicken look yummy.  Once the chicken was browned, Bonnie added a little more garlic olive oil into the pan and Alyssa added the mushrooms.  Once the mushrooms were soft she added the garlic.
 A little Marsala wine to loosen up the brown bits of chicken stuck to the bottom of the pan, then some whipping cream to thicken up the broth, and a delicious gravy was made.  Finally she added the chicken back to the skillet, some gargonzola cheese and a final garnish of parsley.
 It was delicious!  Even Todd ate some. (Of course, Todd eats whatever you give him, but he doesn't like mushrooms at all)  A salad on the side and some biscuits and our meal was complete.
Thanks girls for the delicious gourmet meal.  They will have to make it again sometime.

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