Monday, February 13, 2012

Bringing Up Boys

Have you read Dr. James Dobson's book Bringing Up Boys?  If you have then you may remember that the first chapter starts off with the crazy and insane things that young boys do.  Today was one of those moments.  When I heard that crazed, maniacal laughter coming from the back yard, I knew we were in trouble.  Flashbacks to the time when the boys were left alone in the living room with a bowl of popcorn flashed through my mind.  On that particular day, I heard that same laughter as the boys dropped handfuls of popcorn into the large floor fan that they had tilted upwards.  The entire surface area of the floor was covered in miniscule pieces of popcorn.  I wish today's mess was as easy to clean up. 

The kids have been working on making cardboard cars for our AWANA Drive-In Movie Night.  Brian found a can of spray paint and wanted to paint his car.  I am a bit leary about letting the kids spray paint, but I figured they can't hurt much if they do their painting out in the snow.  Everything was set up.  Saw horses covered in plastic, box car sitting on top, and everything on a bed of snow.  Should be ok, right?! A  few minutes later the maniacal laughter began.  It took a few seconds for my mom alarm to turn on, but when it did you can be sure that I started running for the back door. Imagine my horror when I saw that can of spray paint laying on the one area that wasn't covered in snow and my son holding a large log over his head.  He had already smashed the can several times and a pool of paint surrounded the area.  My husband said this was a perfect Love and Logic moment but I am afraid I wasn't thinking too clearly at that moment.  Those boys got an earful from me.  The funny thing is that the whole time I was chewing them up and down, a little voice kept saying, "What do you expect...they're boys!"

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