Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leaves, Swap, and Snow

How's that for a title?

Yesterday was the day to pick up the leaves - 20 bags of leaves - all from one tree!  Todd told the kids they had to get picked up by noon, but I changed it to 9am.  Why?  The Big Ski Swap!!

Yesterday, was the big ski swap in town.  Whenever I have asked about ski equipment, everyone has told me to wait for the ski swap.  Now that it was here, I was not going to miss it.  So shortly after nine we heading over to the high school gym.  Talk about crowded.  The bleachers were lined with ski and snowboard boots, the floor was covered with skis, and the walls were lined with snowboards.  The ski swap was worse than Black Friday shopping at Walmart.  I got the job of climbing up and down the bleachers looking for the right size boots.  We finally found a pair for Brian, Bonnie, and me.  Bryce is a tough one to find boots for.  His calves are so thick (Thanks Todd!) that we can't latch the top of the boot.  Fortunately, my brother in law works for Sports Outlet (The majority of the stuff there was from his warehouse.), and he told us that he has boots that will fit Bryce back at the shop.  He also helped us find the right skis for our boots.  We managed to get three sets of skis and three sets of boots for the cost of one new pair of boots.  Todd was given a set last season and our neighbor has told us we can have his wife's set.  So we are ready!!  Now I just need to sign the kids up to go with Todd's school this winter up to Mission Ridge.    I am excited!

Lastly, I woke up Saturday morning to the mountains covered in snow.  It's almost here.  It has been raining all weekend so snow is covering the mountains.  It hasn't made it to the valley, but it will be here soon.

That about sums up our Saturday.  Oh...we had another showing and they liked our house.  We haven't heard back from guy who renewed his offer on our house, so if someone jumps in with a better offer, we're taking it.

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