Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, I don't know about you, but nothing amazing has happened today.  Predictions from the internet shutting down, to natural disasters, to it being a very lucky day have abounded, but for me it was a standard day.

Of course, there is the bad news that it is raining outside and the boys have left all the leaves to bag up until tomorrow.  Now they have wet, soggy leaves to deal with, and they are getting bagged up tomorrow - rain or shine. 

We also got a final offer on our house.  Remember the couple that won the bidding war for our house, but got into an argument, split and dropped the offer?  Well, the gentleman involved came back and reinstated his offer.  We accepted his offer, but he has been out of town so we couldn't sign any paperwork yet.  We got word today, that he lowered his price on his offer this time around.  So we are back to negotiating trying to get him to come back up to his original offer price.  The other couple who made an offer want us to pay the closing costs and that is not going to happen.  Why not stick the knife in deeper while you are at it!


Did you have school today?  We didn't.  We don't always follow the public school schedule, but I needed a break today and since the schools were shut down, I don't feel guilty closing our school down today.  I still went into work, and we still had co-op today with our friends, but I didn't have to worry about monitoring school work.

I did today purchase the rest of my Tapestry of Grace curriculum.  I had decided this year to purchase my curric.  one unit at a time, but I saw that TOG was selling all of their discontinued material at a discount with an extra discount for being 11-11-11.  So I was able to purchase the rest of my curric.  Better yet, TOG has gone all digital which is ok but I really like to have the papers in front of me to go over, The computer is not always convenient and, of course, I don't have my curric. on the church computer.  The materials I bought today are discontinued because it is the printed curric, not the digital, and therefore, has not been updated to the latest books as of this year.  (It was current last year.) This will work perfect for me.

So here the day is coming to a close, and nothing strange or catastrophic has happened.

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