Sunday, November 20, 2011


I don't know about you, but Todd and I are exhausted.  If he hadn't gotten sick a week ago and taken a day off I would insist that he call in sick tomorrow.  What a long week, has been.  That is one thing about being in the pastorate, there are not any days off.  I know most pastors take Monday or Friday as their day off, but since Todd is teaching school he can't do that.  There is so much work to be done for school and church that he works seven days a week with many night time activities thrown in there.

This week was especially tough because a member of our church suddenly and unexpectedly died.  Don was 78 years old and still work in the logging business running the skidder.  He had just gotten off his lunch break and went back to the machinery when his coworkers found him.  He died on the job from a massive heart attack.  When I go, that is how I want it to happen.  I want to be plugging away at my normal day and the next second being in Heaven.  Yesterday was the funeral at church and now we just need to take a breath and rest, at least for a few hours.

I still can't comprehend that this is Thanksgiving Week.  I am missing my family and their traditions.  Of course, even they aren't having a normal Thanksgiving.  My parents, along with my brother and his family, are heading to Indiana to have Thanksgiving with my aunts and uncles.  They are mainly going to Indiana so that my brother can purchase a house.  He is moving to Indiana in January to start a church in West Carmel.  You can check out his new blog at  Jim is now officially a North American Missionary.  Indianapolis, Indiana has been declared an area that needs Christ.  Over 82% of the population do not attend church.  Folks....We need to be sharing the Gospel with our neighbors or our own towns are going to become godless as well.  

So here we begin our Thanksgiving Week.  Just three days of school, then a four day weekend.  I plan on sleeping in as much as possible.  I may not even work out much this week.

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