Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prepping the site

We are getting closer and closer to building our house.  We have had to delay the process a couple of months because we changed builders.  Our previous builder was not returning our calls or listening to us.  When he notified us that he was going to change our price by $20k because he failed to understand that we were still going to build in the hill even though we were not going to have the basement garage, we fired him.  I was worried at first, but we have signed up with a local builder that we know personally and is going to give us what we want and a few extras all for the original quote the first builder gave us.  Last week we met with the architect who will draw up our new house plans. The new house will be very similar to the old house plans with a few alterations.  I am excited, nervous, but excited. All of the changes give Todd more time to prep the land.  He has the initial hole dug.  Now he needs to push back the top layers of dirt away from the house to make it safe for construction. He also is putting in a dirt ramp so that he can drive the back hoe up to the yard area behind the house.  We are so thankful for the backhoe that my father-in-law had.

Speaking of my father-in-law, I have now taken on the job of caring for him on the days my mother-in-law volunteers at our local community cupboard.  So far things have gone well.  This past week, he did "snap" towards the end of my time with him.  I had to call Todd to come over to defuse the situation.  It was very sad, but now I know what Susan goes through and I am wiser on what Not to do when I am with him.  Susan wants me to get certified for in-home care so that I can get paid at a higher rate, so it looks like that is what I will be doing this summer.

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