Saturday, April 11, 2015

City of Tyre...I mean...Tire!

Yesterday, the kids and I joined Todd out at the property to help him sort through tires.
Did you know that with this awesome property that we have purchased, we have been blessed with hundreds, that is not an exaggeration, hundreds of tires.  Big tires, small tires, fat tires, skinny tires....more and more tires.  (I feel like Dr. Seuss is whispering in my ear.)  The BIG dilemma is what to do with all of these tires.  We could hire someone to haul them away.  We figure that would cost us over thousands of dollars...i have done the math...OR we can get creative.  We have opted to be creative.  However.....if you want some....PLEASE...PLEASE...feel free to come over and take some.  Believe me, we won't mind.  Our creative idea for our awesome tires is to build a retaining wall. 

Todd has built a dirt ramp to the back "yard" behind our soon-to-be constructed house, however, to make sure it doesn't wash out he is going to shore it up with a tire wall.  Which brings me back to last nights project.  The kids and I went out to the property and sorted the tires.  After sorting them we had to haul them over to the ramp sight and stack them up according to their size so that Todd can then place them and fill them with dirt and build the wall.  Oh...just to add more work and to make it easier to fill each tire, Todd is also cutting the rim off each tire so that the dirt will go in easier and we can pack it tighter.  It is a LOT of work, but we hope it will pay off in the long wrong.

Although the kids weren't too excited about traveling out to the property to work they made it a lot of fun.  Before long the tire puns were flying.  "Mom, I didn't know that we lived in the city of Tyre."  or "Mom, this is soooo TIRERING.!"  "Mom, I am all tired ou."  lol  Glad they made it fun. 

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