Monday, April 13, 2015

Metal Shop

Brian sent me this picture today from his metal shop.
Metal shop is a class I know Brian should be enjoying but he has a classmate that has been intent on making Brian's life miserable.  From elbowing Brian every time he walks by, to pushing him out of line, or sabotaging Brian's metal shop locker, life in class has been miserable.  There have been a lot of talks around the table of how to deal with this obnoxious classmate.  I have found myself furious and very " mother bearish" but also mindful of this is why my son is there learn how to be a Christian in an ungodly world.  It sounds like things are dying down.  Apparently the other students are becoming more aware of the bullying and are stepping up the pressure on the other kid to stop it. It was nice today to hear Brian excited about class for a change.

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