Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Living Nativity

Last night our family was asked to be a part of the Nazarene Church's Living Nativity.
I got to be one of the Heavenly Host, while the boys and Todd were shepherds.

Bonnie was a manger angel, which means she stood on the balcony above the manger during the whole enactment and waved her arms back and forth with the music.  She was cold and tired by the fourth performance so she switched places with me.  As Heavenly Host, I only had to run out when Gabriel announces the birth of the Christ to the shepherds and then leave.  In other words the Heavenly Host is only outside five minutes.

We had fun and the kids had great attitudes.  There were about 40 people involved in the enactment.  Some, like us, did all four showings.  Others did one or two.  Lots of little kids participated as shepherds and angels and Mary and Joseph were couples with babies.  

As a family we will go back tonight to watch it with my parents following our Christmas Eve service.

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