Thursday, December 26, 2013


Merry Christmas Everyone!  The James family had a blast celebrating Christmas with Papaw and Mamaw who came over to visit us from Tennessee. 
Everyone liked their gifts and enjoyed the morning.

My new toy was a camera.  My dad had heard me complain enough about our big, bulky camera that was hard to lug around, so he got me a little camera that has tons of bells and whistles.  I played around with last night to see what it can do.  One cool feature is that it shoots in black and white but will highlight a particular color, like red.....

I shot this picture with the soft light feature...
Bryce liked the smile feature.   The camera won't take a picture until it detects a smile.  Bryce had fun making faces to see if he could make the camera go off.
After our family Christmas, we headed over to my in-laws for  the Ells Christmas.  The grand kids were surprised when their cousin, Kyle, showed up.  He entered the army earlier this and the kids didn't think he would be able to come home.
I took this picture of my nephew's girlfriend and their baby. 

All the Ells grandkids posed for their annual group photo...Bonnie, Kevin, Ariah, Summer (Kevin's girlfriend), Andrew, Ashley, Brian, Bryce, Kyle and Kyle's fiance, Athena.

The day ended with everyone sedated from two rounds of ham dinners, a viewing of Switchmas, and another game of Phase 10 in which Todd lost again for the umpteenth time.  sigh...

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