Saturday, December 14, 2013

Distinguished Young Women

I will try to keep this brief.  As a junior in high school, Bonnie is eligible to participate in the Distinguished Young Women's program (formally known as Junior Miss).  My niece, Ashely, won the title of DYW for Leavenworth two years ago and represented our town at the state competition in Pullman.  If you win state then you go on to compete nationally in Alabama.  All kinds of scholarships are available for the girls who compete in the program.  We gave Bonnie our permission to enroll in the program but didn't know how far she would go.  Today Bonnie and I sat through a two hour meeting with the president of our local DYW organization.  As of right now, Bonnie is the only girl from Leavenworth who is still interested in competing.  Actually, there is another girl in her school who wants to compete as well but she actually lives in the town of Cashmere, so she would also participate but would represent her town.  So what does that mean?  Well, Bonnie and her friend from Cashmere, Morgan, will be trained by our local group on how to best compete...i.e. talent, fitness, Q & A sessions, etc and they would travel to the Tri-Cities area to compete in what is called the At Large program for young women who don't have a local competition.  (We have to have five girls to have a local competition.)  The At Large program will determine whether or not Bonnie and Morgan meet all of the qualifications required to compete in the DWY program. If they meet all of the qualifications they will then go to the state competition in Pullman next August and represent their towns.  Bonnie will also be Leavenworth's DYW representative which means she will participate in all of the parades - Maifest, Apple Blossom in Wenatchee, Founder's Day in Cashmere, and Autumn Leaf in Leavenworth.  Basically everywhere Leavenworth takes their float, Bonnie will be invited to walk with it.  She will also be apart of most of the local festivals - Christkindlemart, Christmas Lighting, etc.   The big thing is that Bonnie will be able to add this to her resume and it will should help her with obtaining college scholarships.  I am excited for her....nervous....but excited.

ok..that wasn't too brief.  Oh well, I will keep you posted on further developments.  We will know more in January.

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