Friday, February 15, 2013


It's is Friday and all is quiet here at church.  Today is the last Friday that the boys will get to go skiing with Todd's school.  Next week, however, Todd and Bonnie are on break from school so I imagine they will held up the mountain again.  The temperatures here have been abnormally warm.  It is supposed to hit 50 degrees today.  Our snow is quickly disappearing and there is no break in site of the warm weather.  Everyone has spring fever.  In fact, my plan for this weekend is to start scrubbing walls and floors.  To be honest, I am not looking forward to the scrubbing, but it needs to be done.  Todd and I are looking at the house we are living in and making note of all the things that need to get done if we are to move out within the next year or so.  Minor repairs, cleaning, and packing. Tim and Judy left alot of their own personal stuff behind that we will have to pack up and find a place to store if we move out and rent the house to someone else.  Secretly, I am wishing that their daughter will move in and take over the house for us, but that is a long story and I don't think it is financially possible for her to manage the house. 

Last night as an outreach to our community we offered free babysitting at our church.  We had 18 children here and several helpers from church.  It was surprisingly a lot of fun.  The kids had a blast. We fed them dinner, played games, made crafts, and watched a movie.  It is our goal to make this an annual event for our community.  We may even do it again in December to allow parents a day to go Christmas shopping.

Well,  I need to head downstairs and clean the church kitchen.  We were too eager to head home last night to vacuum and wash the final dishes.  Tonight we have 100 people showing up this evening for the NorthWest Grace Youth Winter Blast. If my luck holds out, Bonnie will be gone to the Winter Blast and the boys will spend the night at the neighbors. I may be all alone this weekend....with my scrub brush and bucket.

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