Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ok..so here is the deal.  I got an ipad for Christmas.  I love it.  Probably too much...not probably...I love it too much.  I do everything with it...listen to music, play games, take pictures, keep track of my food calories, play Words with Friends, and Sudoku, read my books on it, do my devotions with the Bible app.....you get the picture.  I do practically EVERYTHING with it, but blog.  I wonder if blogspot has an ap?  hmmmm

For whatever reason, I can transfer my pictures from my husband's phone to my ipad and then easily transfer them to facebook or email them, but I can't access them with my blog which is a real bummer.  So to blog and add pictures or just to blog period, because it is a whole lot easier to type on a real keyboard than the ipad "keyboard", I need to put down the ipad and pry the netbook from one of the kids.  It just so happens that right now the kids are watching some dorky kids movie on Nickelodeon so I got the netbook out.  (Of course, since I have the netbook, my daughter ran off with the ipad.   Fifteen more minutes til bedtime then I get it back.  Mmawhaha..)

Here is the latest tidbit of news in the James household...
Bonnie is trying to get the lead in the spring musical at school - Brigadoon.

She has been practicing singing for the past couple of months and working on her Scottish accent.  There is only one other girl trying out for the lead, so Bonnie feels that she has a good chance.  Of course, the other girl is a senior so ...well, you know how that goes.   She also warned me that if she does get the lead, she will probably have to kiss the boy lead.

 I will have to start prepping my husband for that.  He is having a hard enough time realizing that his little girl is turning into a young woman.

Bryce is starting his third month with guitar lessons.  It was becoming more apparent that Todd's guitar was not working out for Bryce's hands.  Todd has a Seagull guitar which is known for its wide neck.  It was hard for Bryce to make the chords and finally his teacher pulled me aside and suggested we get him a different one (electric preferably) that had a smaller neck.  The guys at Avalon music are great and we found a really nice electric guitar for Bryce. 

Let us just say that he is pretty happy with his new guitar. 

Brian is Brian...What can I say.  He is getting taller. Doing well in school.  Being an annoying big brother to Bryce and keeps my wood box filled with split wood every time he gets annoying.  Brian has become a book worm lately.  After seeing the Hobbit, he decided to read the book...twice. Then he got hold of  the Percy Jackson series and has read the first series in less than a week.  Tomorrow we head off to the library to pick up the next series of books by Riordan. 

Todd is busy, busy, busy..  Hopefully after the senior high winter retreat which is held at our church is over, he can relax a little, but probably not.  We are still dreaming and looking at buying my in-laws property and building a house.  We have the house plans now and an estimate on how much it will cost to build it.  So far everything fits into our budget.  We have a little bit more leg work and investigating to do to make sure we can build what we want to build and where we want to build it before we sign the dotted line.  Scary and exciting all at the same time.  Imagine ...we can be in our very own home this time next year.  Better than that, we can have our own garden this year, chickens, even a cat and/or dog.  My heads is swimming...

Finally, me.  I am doing great.  Celebrated my 44th birthday yesterday.  I have clothes money to go shopping with and can't wait to hit the stores.  I am eating more but still loosing weight.  I am smaller than I have ever been.  I am almost tempted to get out my wedding dress and try it on.  I think it will be too big.  Imagine that!  My husband is pleased as punch and has even starting watching his own diet to lose weight too. 

I think that is enough for now.  The kids have headed off to their rooms.  My daughter has returned my ipad so it is time to play some Words with Friends.  I finally won a match. lol.  Good night all.

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