Friday, August 24, 2012

The Saga Continues

Well, Bonnie is NOT doing AP Biology.  The principal called again and said she needs to take some other science to prepare for it.  He is afraid she might not pass the AP class and doesn't want to put that burden on her.  So Bonnie is taking Inquiry Science 2, whatever that is.  Next year she will take AP Chemistry and her senior year she will take AP Biology.  So her hard classes this semester will be Geometry and Inquiry Science 2.  Ok...we can handle that.

I still haven't figured out if they have accepted her transcripts from the subjects she studied last year.  I have a feeling they want to see what kind of student she is this year to see if she measures up.  Oh stomach is not so out of whack now.  I still feel like I am the one be evaluated as her teacher.  Bonnie seems to be handling everything perfectly.  In about an hour, we head over to school to have orientation, get her locker, her "new" schedule and find her classes. 


  1. It's been really interesting to hear about all this for me, because in the back of my mind I've always kinda wondered what it would be like if I enrolled my kids in the local high school.

    What strikes me is how many choices there are. It's mind boggling. Like what the heck is Science Inquiry II? LOL What ever happened to good old Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, you know? When I was in high school I took all those (+ a second year of both chem and biology), and I also took Human A&P, but that was as "out there" in choices as it got. And what's Life Skills? Anyway, I'm almost glad I'm not going through all this, just because I'd have no idea what some of these classes even are.

  2. Tell me about it. The class schedules are so complicated now. I think that they want to have a variety of classes for each subject to fit all the students with their different learning styles. When I was in school we all took the same class and you either passed or failed. Inquiry Science seems to be a Earth and Physical Science class. There are two versions of the class. Bonnie's class is more in depth and will prepare her for the AP classes.

    Another difference is that the high schools have gone to block schedules. They have four 90 minute classes a semester which means you accomplish in one semester what you would have covered in one year. For example for math, Bonnie is taking Geometry first semester and Algebra 2/Trig second semester.

    Living Skills is a fancy name for home economics. I put on her transcripts that she took Living Skills at home because I have taught her how to sew, knit, crotchet, cook, clean, budget, and childcare but evidently they don't think my Living Skills class was sufficient. They better count it as an elective down the road.

    She is all squared away. She has her locker next to her friend. She knows where all of her classes are and just has to show up on the first day.

    I will breath easier in about a month.