Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So when my husband came home yesterday and saw Bonnie's high school schedule, he was not pleased.  As a public school teacher who has worked primarily with honors students he knows what sets the honor students apart from those just skating by.  He saw right away that Bonnie was given a "just skating by" schedule and was not all!   With Bonnie's permission Todd went back to the high school to either get her a more challenging freshman schedule or to have her enter high school as a sophomore.  After much talk with the counselor and the principal, Bonnie now has a more academic schedule and she is entering as a sophomore. 

Her new schedule is as follows:  1st semester choir/health, p.e., geometry, and AP Biology.  2nd Semester is choir/art, living skills, English, AP Biology.  The AP Biology has me nervous.  The students entering that class received the textbook at the beginning of the summer and have been told to be ready for a test on it on the first day of class.  Bonnie received the book today and has five days to study it.  At the end of her first week of class, Bonnie will be asked if she can handle the class or not.  If not, hopefully she can move into the Advnaced Biology class.  She wants to try it.  She believes she can do the class which makes me so proud of her.  I truly hope she can prove the principal wrong and show herself to be a model, hardworking, student. 

Last night, we had to draw up a transcript to show all the work she did last year.  That was nerve wracking for me.  To be honest, one of the reasons why I wanted her to go in as a freshman was because I feel that I had failed in keeping track of everything.  Fortunately, I had her EOC scores (achievemnt scores) to help me and Todd who knows what you have to do to submit end of year grades.  Also, my friend Michelle who is a home school mom and mother of a high school student, helped me to see all that we had done.  For example, the kids participated with the Christian school skiiing last winter.  The Christian school counts that as their p.e. credit and therefore so could I.  Her music lessons and her practice time counts as music class.  Tapestry of Grace also shows you how all the curriculum translates into high school credit.  In all she received 8 credits last year. 

In short, school starts NOW!.  Bonnie is studying chapter 1 of her Biology today and probably a chapter or two each day til Tuesday.  Pray for her!  Pray for me! 

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  1. Wow, big changes in one day! I'm excited for Bonnie and will be praying for her!