Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Encouraging Words

This morning Bonnie and I headed over to the high school to register and sign up for classes.  I can't tell you how nervous and apprehensive I was (Bonnie may have been too, but hid it well.).  You know how it is as a homeschooler.  You often wonder as a homeschool mom if you are doing your job right.  Are you preparing your children properly? 

This morning as we sat in the counselor's office and she looked over Bonnie's achievement scores, I soaked in all of her words of praise on Bonnie's academic successes.  In fact, she encouraged me to enroll Bonnie as a sophomore instead of a freshman.  To be honest, according to the California Achievement Test, Bonnie scores in almost all of her subjects in the 11th grade to post high school level (other than spelling...turns out the counselor is not good in spelling either and high fived Bonnie with that one.)  In short, she was very impressed with Bonnie's achievement record.  Bonnie and I exchanged a look, a smile, and a huge sigh of relief. 

Bonnie has her schedule all set up now.  It is pretty light.  In fact, the counselor's concern with Bonnie coming in as a freshman is that she is going to be bored, i.e. not academically challenged.  She encouraged Bonnie to find academic clubs to join to keep her challenged.  Right now, Bonnie's class schedule is choir, p.e., health, living skills, and science first semester. Second semester she will take choir, art, english, geometry, and computers.  Yep...pretty light.  Choir meets 3 days a week with health and art meeting the other two days.  First semester is going to be a breeze. 

Friday is Back To School Days.  She will get her locker, go through orientation, and find all of her classes.  School starts on Tuesday.


  1. Did you decide to put her in as a sophomore?

  2. No...Freshman. I would rather she be an old freshman than a young sophomore. Plus all of her peer group are freshman. I think she is a week or two from the cut-off age wise. Since she is not in any school system, they can make adjustments and place her as a freshman.