Friday, August 10, 2012

Final Week of Camp

We are in our final week of summer camp. 

For six weeks of this summer one of the kids has been at camp as either a camper or staff.  This week Bonnie and Bryce are both at camp.  Bonnie is working as a counselor-in-training (CIT) and Bryce is a camper.  Thursday is family night at Camas.  Parents are encouraged to come up, eat dinner, and watch skits that each cabin has put on.  I received a very positive report from the camp speaker.  He was very impressed with both Bonnie and Bryce.  It is always good to hear positive reports on your kids. 

I was able to get a couple of pictures of the kids' skits.  Bonnie's cabin's skit depicted a week of camp while Bryce's skit was about how we can take all of our troubles to God.  Bryce played a dog who was kicked by a bully; later he plays a kid reading the Bible when a bully tears up his Bible. "God" comforts the ones who are being picked on.  Hey,  I didn't say they were the best skits in the world.  There was one skit that was great.  The girls pretended to be on the show, "The Bachelor."  They did awesome and had my vote for the best skit.

The thing that my kids like most about Camas is the pranks the cabins play on each other, so I wasn't surprised when I pulled up to the cabins to find this...
who knows whose sleeping bag and bag was on the roof of the cabin.  Oh...and Bonnie's favorite bunny has been kidnapped.  Hopefully, she will have it by the time I show up tomorrow afternoon.

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