Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Day with Hugo

Meet Hugo.  He is the newest member of our family.  He is a six week old Lab/Husky Mix.  I call his breed a Labusky.  Isn't he cute?  We brought him home yesterday and we, namely I, have been babying him ever since.  

I have never had a puppy before.  My biggest fear is potty training.  I have learned that as soon as he eats, take him outside.  If he drinks, take him outside.  If he wakes up from a nap, take him outside. If he has played really hard, take him outside.  So far it has worked.  Of course, I need to get the rest of the family on board with my plan.  

Hugo loves being outside.  He loves  the snow piles.  I mean, really loves them.  He runs to each snow pile, wallows all over it, eats the snows, and just has a blast.  His next favorite thing outside are the plastic tarps that are laying around  ( is it laying or lying????   too tired to think it through.)  I think he really enjoys the sound of crunching on the tarps, leaves, snow, etc.   We set up an electric fence last spring for a German Shepherd that we had for a short time.  I tell you that story later.  The wire was broke in a couple of places last summer when some excavators came out to level our land.  Hugo is too small for the invisible fence just yet, but by the end of the summer we will want to get him  used to that.  It will be nice when we can let him outside to play and do his business without one of us holding on to the end of the lease.  

He currently is sleeping on the floor next to me while I type.    I think I will put him back in his cage and head off to bed my own self.  Who knows how many times we will be up with him so I better rest while I can.

Good night!

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