Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back Home

Well we made it back home after our whirlwind trip to Tennessee.  Our original plans had us scheduled to arrive sometime today.  It is probably best that we left early.  The transition from traveling out east and back to traveling out to Pullman is less stressful this way, although we still have a lot to do. 
Yesterday we celebrated Bonnie's 18th birthday by taking her out to eat.  Earlier she had informed me that her friends celebrated their 18th birthdays by sky diving or going on a cruise.  I don't know who these friends are but I gently informed her that none of those things were going to happen. Heck, I would love to go on a cruise myself, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.  
Today we return the rental van and do all of our last minute shopping.  Bonnie would like to get a coffee pot, some food, and odds and ends to make life tolerable in the dorm...yes, dorm.  The school is refusing to allow Bonnie to live off campus.  They stated that since she got her AA through Running Start it doesn't count as having a Junior status and since she is eligible for student loans she can't claim a financial hardship.  As infuriated as I am we have no choice but to move her into a dorm.  On the bright side, she was able to secure a single room in a women's dorm so we feel much better.
I admit that sending our daughter off to school is going to be hard.  Is she ready yet?  Is she strong enough spiritually, mentally, emotionally?  Time will tell.  Yet, most of us did a lot of growing up when we left the nest and tested our wings.  It is just hard to push our chicks out of the nest,

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