Friday, August 7, 2015

Prep Day

Not much going on except the usual, normal Tennesssee activities, I.e. shopping.  There are so many stores here within a few minutes drive that we always try to check them out.  Mom found a store where we can get Birkenstocks for $30. That is a steal.  In case you don't know, Birks are $100 sandals.  I love them and was given a couple of pairs early this year, but checked out the store regardless.  Mom ended buying Bonnie and I both a pair of shoes.  We then hit Burlington Coat Factory where Bonnie stocked up on some school clothes.  I even got a few more blouses to wear.
Today has been prep day, as mom and I have been working in the kitchen all day to get ready for all of the family that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow from Indiana and Florida.  On top of cooking we have been cleaning the house and doing final preparations.  Shortly we have one more shopping trip to get plates, napkins, and cups, then we wait.  

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