Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's been a while

I just read my last post and wanted to assure you that all is well.  I did get a chick flick to watch over the weekend and highly recommend it if you want a good romantic comedy.  I watched the movie, Austenland.  It is a story of a gal who is obsessed with Jane Austen novels, primarily Pride and Prejudice and is looking for her own Mr. Darcy.  She ends up going to a resort in England where everyone pretends that they are in Victorian England and relives the life of Jane Austen's Elizabeth.   

In other news, the final preparations are underway for our family Bible conference.  After co-op Bryce and I will be picking up the supplies needed, I.e. Paper products, food, cleaning supplies, etc.  Friday everyone is gathering at the church to to do the  food preparations.  I spent yesterday painting doors while others gathered to do more weeding in the flower beds and sprucing things up.  Add to all the church preparations are all of our property preparations as we near the day that we can finally start to build.  Our goal date now to pour the footings for the foundation is July 1st.   Our contractors goal for completion is Christmas.  

The days are packed and I wonder when there will ever be a break.  I miss those care free days when we can just enjoy life, but those days are very few right now.  My poor house has been so neglected, but I hope to make time tomorrow to get it somewhat presentable.  Thankfully the boys vacuum and clean bathrooms daily for their morning chores.  

So here goes....


  1. I read the book *Austenland* a while back. I'd heard they were making a movie of it, but I didn't know it had been finished. I'll have to watch it!

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  3. Oh, I was just coming on here to tell you that it's also a book, but I see Jenny already did. LOL I read it awhile back as well, and liked it!

  4. Hey, I went into our library system to put the movie on hold, and there's actually a second book! It's called *Midnight in Austenland*. It has a different main character, and it seems like it might be a bit of a murder-mystery.

  5. So I watched the movie the other night. Loved it! Jennifer Coolidge cracks me up. I also read the sequel. Definitely a mystery/romance. It's a little steamier than the first book, but no bed-sharing (unless you count the main character's cheating husband, but it doesn't describe those infidelity scenes).