Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Todd took the day yesterday to get firewood for the coming winter.  Firewood season will be short this year since we had very little snowfall during the winter.  Already the woods are dry and once the temps begin to climb we will be in full-fledge forest fire season and the woods will be closed to woodcutters. Everyone is very concerned that this will be a bad fire year.  So, Todd has to taken advantage of the time now to get all the firewood that we and his parents need.  Todd doesn't go up by himself.  Instead, he goes with his dad's long time friend, Danny.  Danny is a 65+ bachelor, railroad retiree who knows every inch of the Wenatchee National Forest,and is the best woodcutter to have beside you when you are out in the middle of nowhere.  Plus he has all the tools available to make it fun and easy. Todd will probably need to take at least four more trips to make his wood quota.  Hopefully, he will get it all before the month is over.

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