Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Co Op Days seem to have become blog days since I often have an hour or two to read or write.  Today I don't have to sub in a class so I can sit back and relax.  I just read through my last post and find that it is not surprising that the topic of our future home is at the forefront of my thoughts.  On the way home today I am to stop off at the builders and let him know of the changes we are making with our house and set up a new appointment.  It looks like we are going to press forward unless an unmovable roadblock stops us.  

In other news, I am so excited for our daughter who has been inducted into the National Honor School of High School Scholars.  She has worked so hard to keep her grades up and the hard work has paid off.  Right now we are praying that she gets accepted to Washington State University.  She talked to the admissions office last week to make sure they had all of her info which they did.  They just have not sent out admission letters yet.

Brian is on winter break which means he is laying around all week and doing absolutely NOTHING!   Must be nice.  Normally I would have given Bryce a break as well, but he has assignments to complete for co-op so he will take his break when co-op takes a break.

All in all, we are hanging in there.  Getting through one day at a time.  Praying for guidance.

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