Thursday, February 19, 2015


So here is the scoop.  I talked to the builder and gave him our changes, that is we took out the basement.  No garage. No apartment.  The changes took $70,000 off the price which makes a huge difference.  Using an online mortgage calculator it appears our mortgage would be the same as our rent give or take $50.  Monday we talk to the bank to confirm the numbers and get all the paper work started.  The next step after that is to arrange for the surveyor to come out to the property and mark out the area to be excuavated.  I won't believe it is really going to happen until all the permits are signed and all the lights are green, but it is looking promising.

I also realized yesterday that WSU has been sending out admission letters but we haven't gotten one yet.  Why?  Well, Bonnie admitted she was not as proactive as she should have been to get all of her info in in a timely manor.  She may have been too slow.  She has taken on the responsibility that she may have sabotaged her chances of getting in next fall.  I haven't given up hope since I know that everyone who gets accepted doesn't necessarily apply, but we are a little on edge.  The way I see it is if she doesn't get in next year then she will have a year to work full time to earn more money for tuition and a car. Plus she will already have an associates degree.  

On a final note, I was loaned the book The Gift of Dyslexia to read.  I am learning a lot and hope it will be helpful for Bryce and I.  I will keep you posted.

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