Monday, September 8, 2014

Things are in the Horizon

We have finally hit our first FULL week of school.  So far so good.  Bryce and I read in his Bible book a story of a Muslim girl.  It seemed like this was a good time to write a Compare/Contrast paper on Muslims vs. Christianity.  I keep telling Bryce that we have two years to get ready for high school.  I read on fb an article today about how to get your kids ready for high school. I was happy to see that we are doing just about everything on the list.  Bryce is taking typing lessons every day.  We are also working on writing and taking notes.  All three of things were on the top of the list to do. 

Brian is continually doing well at school.  Friday was the first home game and Brian's first experience playing in the pep band.  He had a lot of fun.  I have high hopes for Brian in band and have decided that I really like his band teacher.  This Saturday Brian has band practice all morning to get ready for the big parade in town - Autumn Leaf Festival which is at the end of the month.

For Todd and I, our afternoon was spent with a lawyer.  We are in the process of putting the Chumstick property in our name.  Once the land is deeded to us we can approach a builder to have a house built on the property.  We have found a builder we like and have two house plans were are interested in.  My favorite plan is the Mia. 
It is a pretty simple house but has all the room we need.  Todd and I walked through the model and I really liked how it felt inside.  The main level has the living room, dining, kitchen, family room, bathroom, and laundry. Upstairs is the master bedroom with a walk in closet and bathroom, there is also three other bedrooms and a bathroom.  The best part is that talking to the financial adviser our monthly payments would  be the same or less than what we are currently paying in rent.  You can't beat that. Hopefully all the paperwork is under control and we can have a serious talk with the builder and get the ball rolling. 

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