Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In the PIt of Despair

This little clip from the Princess Bride movie was running through my head last night.  It seems we are in the Pit of Despair right now.  Everything that has an engine and moves right now has a problem with it.  Pretty depressing.  After Todd and I went to the lawyers in Wenatchee on Monday he realized something was once again wrong with the Blazer.  At first he thought it was a coolant leak, but we can't be so fortunate.  Mercifully Todd was able to drive the car around the block and park it in our driveway before it took it last breath and revealed that the leak was transmission fluid.  Not an easy fix.  We are praying that it is a gasket issue or a hose that needs replacing, but if it is the whole transmission that needs overhauled, well....let's not go there for now.  The van is running but my passenger window has not worked for two years now.  Todd has had it on his agenda to fix but it keeps being put on the back burner.  Looks like with the Blazer problem, my window will forever stay closed.  The diesel truck has window issues as well.  Todd has to manually take off the door panel to pull the window up.  Then there is the backhoe.  Todd jumped on it yesterday to drive down to the church to do some work on the church parking lot. Unfortunately, the back hoe started spewing out black smoke everywhere.  All these things can be fixed, but as one vehicle reared its flaws one after another Todd and I sat around looking at each other and wondered  why?  Why?  Where is he going to find the time or the means to fix everything?  To top it off, he has to be in Seattle on Monday for a pastor's retreat/meeting.  I wish he could stay here but since they are discussing the Regional Family Bible Conference that our church is hosting it is imperative that he be there.  At least the van and diesel are drivable.  Until then, we will lie on our backs and cry out to God for mercy as we find ourselves in the ...Pit of Despair.

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