Monday, September 15, 2014


Another weekend...another parade....
This time we travelled to Othello, Wa.  If you don't know where Othello is, just travel east on I-90 towards Spokane.  Once you get to Moses Lake, get off on Hwy 17 and head north to Othello.  It is a bigger community than Ritzville, in fact, they have their own Walmart.  That means something, right?

The Othello parade commission had a 1955 Chevy Thunderbird for Bonnie to ride in and better yet, I was asked to drive it.  Bryce came with us so he got to ride shotgun.  It was a little scary since the float ahead of us was throwing candy and kids were running up to the car to get some.  Fortunately, no one died.  Lol....after the parade all of the Royalty met up at the park for a picnic and social time before heading home.  Two more parades and then Bonnie can hang up the drindle.

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