Thursday, April 24, 2014

Working at the Property

 I went out to the property tonight to see how things were coming along.  We have our well, and Todd and the boys have been digging the trenches to lay the water lines.  We have one line that goes to the other side of the shed and one line that goes across the driveway and up the hill for our garden. 
 Todd has had both boys on the backhoe, teaching them how to use it to help dig the trenches.  Once the trenches were dug, the line laid, then the boys had to cover everything up with the shovels.  Our PE class has taken on a new look. Lol. 

Once the trenches were filled, Todd hooked the shed up to the backhoe and pulled it back into the woods.  He then brought up the water lines and power lines inside the shed to make it our new well house. 
As of today, almost all of the trenches are covered and we have two working spigots with clear, drinkable water.  We have several more projects lined up for us this summer.  We still have junk to take to the dump, metal for the scrapyard, a ramp to build leading up to the garden for the lawnmower and tractors, trees to cut down, and eventually prepping the building site for our new home, which leads me to the best news of all....I think we have found our builder and our new house plan.

Last week after talking to an architect, I began to think building a house was still going to be out of our budget then the Lord orchestrated it so that we ran into the Bangsunds.  They invited us over for coffee and when they heard we were wanting to build a house, proceeded to show us their home which had just been built for half the cost of what the architect quoted us.  Long story short, they told us to look up John Port in Wenatchee.  We Googled him that night and found the house we want to build.  It is well within our budget.  We have plans to view the house we want to build this Saturday.  It is looking more and more possible that we will be building our house next summer and be in it by next fall. 

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