Saturday, April 26, 2014

Treasures, Targets, and Teas

A gal from church invited Bonnie and I to her weekend party....Treasures, Targets, and Teas.

It started last night with a Lia Sophia Jewelry party.  To be honest, these kind of parties I try to avoid.  The reality is they want you to spend lots of money and book parties.  Neither of which I want to do.  I did buy one piece of jewelry...a ring for Bonnie.  Anything over $20 is too much for me and the starting prices were $30, but I don't spend too much on her and decided it was worth it.

This morning the party continued with Targets and Teas.  We all met back up at Danielle's house again this time for a gun safety class and target practice.  Danielle introduced us to a 9 mm revolver and a rifle.  She then took us out to a remote area to practice shooting them.  Another gal in the group brought along her 9 mm as well and her rifle.

Bonnie and I had fun with it.  I liked the rifle with the scope best.  The others were still hard for me to aim and control.  I don't own a gun...yet, but I wouldn't be against having one.

After our target practice, everyone went back to Danielle's again for a Redneck Tea Party.  Unfortunately,  we had to skip out of that part.  I really needed to get back home to monitor things there while Todd went off to umpire a game.

What a fun way to spend the day.

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