Friday, April 26, 2013

Words of Praise

After beating myself up over this school year, yesterday turned out to be a very refreshing and encouraging day.

It started with our afternoon when we came home from our morning at the church office.  Brian, my reluctant writer, began brainstorming how he should introduce his topic for his research paper without any prompting from me.  He then proceeded to sit down at the kitchen island, read through one of his books, and wrote down info that he gathered.  Can you hear my heart sing?!  There is hope for him. 

Another word of praise came from (actually about) Bonnie.  I have to admit that I am nervous for her concerning her play.  I mean, she is the lead actress in this year's musical which is scheduled to debut next Friday.  I want her to do well, but she has no voice training.  Will she stay on pitch, can she hold out the notes, will people enjoy her singing or will they cringe?  So imagine her boost of confidence (and mine) when she overheard the musical director bragging about Bonnie to another adult.  She praised Bonnie for knowing her lines better than the rest of the cast and having a beautiful voice.  Bonnie came home from practice with a smile on her face and a feeling of confidence.

All in all, my kids are doing fine.  Brian is on his last Science chapter.  Yeah!  Why did I think we were way behind in everything?  Everyone is on track to finish by mid June.  Whether or not, they are done, we are closing the books June 12 and heading off for a much needed break.  At least, a much needed break for mom. 

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