Monday, April 8, 2013



Today was a tough one.  Not only did we start back to school after taking a week off, but we received some bad news as well.

I talked to the bank to see what we needed to do next to purchase the property.  Last word we received was that the bank liked our credit record and would approve a loan to us, but when they realized that the loan we needed was an owner-builder loan, i.e. we would be doing all of the work, the bank denied us. Too big of a risk. Talk about a real blow.  We have continued to pray for clear direction as we have walked this path of purchasing the property and building a house.  So far the doors have continued to swing open for us, but today the door slammed shut.  Even the kids shed a few tears as we all came to grips that we would not be able to build. 

We have a wonderful home to live in and it is so convenient to everything, but we are cramped here.  No place for the kids to play, no place to garden, and nothing that feels like it is ours.  Bonnie and I had so many dreams of how we were going to decorate the home with all of the odds and ends we found on the property.   sigh....

What is frustrating is that the bank would loan us money to buy a 100 year old home with no yard and barely any square footage, but won't loan us the money to purchase five acres of land and build a decent, new house for the same amount of money.  The new home on the land would be valued at twice if not three times as money when completed.  Go figure. 

So ... we wait to see how God will provide the home we need.  For now, we stay put.

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