Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Results Are In

A letter came in the mail yesterday.  The long awaited letter from the Summer Theatre.  The letter that would determine if my sweet girl would be spending her summer on the stage.  Drum Roll.........she didn't get the part in either play.  Disappointing, isn't it?  She was so hopeful, but I feel for her.  Regardless, of the outcome I am glad that she tried out and pursued every avenue to get on stage.  Now we will have to see if we can work concessions. 

What is wrong with everyone's backs these days?  My friend in Seattle is having a terrible time with her back, a friend in our church has been laid up for a few weeks with her back. I heard that she might be admitted to the hospital today.  And then there is my husband.  Two weeks ago, Todd sat down and somehow treaked his back and he hasn't been able to sit down since.  He can stand and he can lay down on his stomach but that is all.  He is not looking forward to our pastor's retreat on Monday and Tuesday where he will be expected to sit through all sorts of meetings.  He has been to the chiropractor who examined him and told Todd that his condition is muscular and not skeletal.  Todd has been taking a  lot of walks lately trying to work out the muscles, but nothing is helping.  Time for Doans I think.

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