Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2

We are starting our second day of school.

So far, so good!

Everyone was up on time.  In fact, we even had breakfast fifteen minutes early.  With breakfast over, Todd has left for his first day in the classroom.  Brian is spending thirty minutes on the Wii fit doing push-ups, planks, and other excercise before he dusts.  Bryce has vacuumed the house, and Bonnie, well, Bonnie I think is trying to get as much reading time as possible, so I need to take away her book so that she can clean the bathrooms.

We didn't get everything done yesterday that I wanted.  I have learned a long time ago that we need to do group studies first and then individual work second.  Otherwise, I loose everyone.  Yesterday, we jumped into individual work and I couldn't get everyone to regroup. 

Today, we will begin with group work first.  Our group work comes from the Tapestry of Grace curriculum.  The projects that we have on today's schedule are as follows:
Timeline - We will note on our timelines the people and events that occur between A.D. 250 to A. D. 500 (We were reminded in our Language lessons that A.D. come before the year, while B.C. comes after.)

Maps - We will refresh our memories of the world map ; i.e. locating all the continents.  We will then focus on a map of Medieval Europe and label it.

Famous Men of the Middle Ages - Today we will be reading about Alaric the Visigoth and  Attila the Hun.

Grammar/Composition Notebooks - In these notebooks we will be refreshing our memories on the eight parts of speech and what they do by writing them down with their definitions.

Once the group work is done then we will break into individual studies.  Bryce and I will start with our phonics, while Bonnie and Brian break out their math and language.

I worked out the problem with our Saxon Teacher CD-R.  For whatever reason, it doesn't work well on our netbook, but it works fine on the main computer in our bedroom.  Bonnie will just have to work upstairs in our room for math. 

Well, that is it.  Time to jump off the computer and round everyone up to start the day of right.

Happy Schooling.

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