Monday, August 1, 2011

I Wonder

Do you ever wonder if everything thing you do is part of God's grand design? 

Some do and some don't, but I believe that as I grow closer to the Lord and seek His will, that he orchestrates my words, actions, and deeds in ways that baffle the mind. 

For example,  yesterday Todd and I went for a walk.  Instead of taking our normal route around the loop I suggested we walk into town and walk around Black Bird Island.  Todd consented and off we went.  We were just passing the gas station when we heard a loud crunch, an even louder hissing, and squealing tires.  Turning around we saw a yellow, VW bug spinning its tires (the driver hadn't figured out to get her foot off the gas) against a cement barrier.  Evidently the driver thought they had cleared the cement barrier to drive around and through another lot to get to the main road.  Obviously they did not. 

My first thought was...Tourist.  My second thought was...idiot...(I know not very Christian), but after our little chuckle, Todd and I decided we should do the right thing and see if they are ok.  As we approached the car, three rough, tattooed, pierced guys piled out followed by the driver - the mom of one of the young men.  She was a nervous wreck.  Turns out she had just gotten the car three weeks ago from her husband. 

Todd got down and began to look under the hood and under the car, made a few phone calls, and it was decided that she ruptured the line to the air conditioner.  The car was driveable but had some bad (expensive) cosmetic damage and no AC.  After doing our best to calm the distraught mother down, Todd introduced ourselves and asked if he could pray for them.  They agreed and we got to stand out there in the parking lot and pray.  One of the boys seemed really appreiciative of our praying for them. 

So here I go back to my wonderings.  Did all of that happen by chance, or was God in the midst of encouraging us to walk a different path last night so that we could encounter Lisa and her boys, to minister to her, to pray for her, and to let her know about our church and that we are people who care.

I wonder....

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