Thursday, June 16, 2011



I am still faithfully going to the gym five days a week.  My workout partner and I have been doing the P90X program in the mornings.  For those mornings we are too sore or tired, we put in a half hour on the elliptical machine followed by the P90X Ab Ripper.  Regardless, I have yet to loose any weight.  OK...maybe a few ounces but no pounds.  To say I am discouraged is an understatement.  I am down right frustrated.  I would love to have lost one clothing size by now.  On one bright side, I can feel my muscles.  My biceps are getting quite defined and hard.  I can feel my abs and almost all of my muscle groups firming up.  I am trying to watch what I eat. But I need to take some drastic measures in that department.  My next goal is to journal what I eat and keep track of my calories, carbs, etc.  Maybe that will show where I am going wrong.

NC House
We have had two more showing on our house.  One showing was for an investor who was looking for a steal.  The second showing was for a mother and daughter.  They liked the house and are in the process of seeing if they can get financing.  

We also received word that a storm came through on Saturday and knocked off some siding.  A friend is coming out next week to fix it for us.  Hopefully that won't hurt us too much.

The neighbor boy is mowing our lawn for us which is a big help.  Mainly, I want it sold.  Please, Lord,  sell our house.


Todd is still working on our Blazer.  He has finally reached the point of putting things back together.  He is done with tearing out the new engine and tearing out our old engine.  "Cross your fingers"  He hopes to have it back together by this weekend.  When that happens it will be like having a whole new vehicle under the hood.  Hopefully that means it will last for another twenty years.

Summer Activities

With summer here we have been spending a lot of time at the pool.   I can't believe I am saying this but I am almost tired of going there. The kids aren't, so I guess I will endure the pool for them. : )  At least it gets us out of the house and gives us something to do.

Lastly, my new project

I could use some help on my newest project - the church website.  I have been given free reign to take over the website and get it back up to speed.  I am not at all sure of what I am doing, but I want to learn.  I might even take a class at the community college if I can fit it in.  Things I want to do with it are:  set up on-line registration for our Awana club and VBA programs;  set up links to all of our missionary websites;  keep current with prayer requests, Bible studies,  post minutes from our meetings for our members to assess.  

One of the things I am learning is that this area is not as internet savy as most of the U.S.  This is partly because, high speed internet has difficulty getting through the canyons and mountains around here. Enough people are internet users though. I think it is one of best tools to letting the public  know who we are.  I don't know about you, but I google everything.  It is the fastest way to research people, events, and organizations.  I want people to look at our church website and say, "Hey, I want to check this church out."

Well, that is what is going on here.  Time to get back in the garage and finish my VBS VBA backdrop.  I am almost done painting it  and pleased with it. Hopefully, Shoreline finds it acceptable.  Then house chores and pool time.  For dinner tonight, I figure we will head over to the farmer's market (it is next door to the pool) to get some fresh veggies for dinner.


  1. Kellie, have you ever considered WW? I'm doing their online version and I really like it! (As much as a person can like a diet, anyway.) It will help you do exactly what you're talking about: watch what you eat. More than that, it'll teach you how to make good choices. I've been doing it...let's see...this is my 4th week and I've gone down a jeans size already.

  2. I did look at WW online. I am hesitant about spending the money right now. I am kind of waiting on my brother who has lost over 30lbs by managing what he eats. He is putting out a cookbook that explains everything he has done. He said his rough draft is about ready and he is sending me a copy. I have his website - on my sidebar if you want to check it out. However, if I don't hear from him soon I might just buckle down and spend the cash on WW.