Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And They're Off!!

This past Sunday we commissioned Tim and Judy Heath to the mission field - Malaysia to be exact. 
Tim was the former pastor of our church, Cascade Mountain Bible Church.  He actually started this church back in the eighties and came back to pastor it a few years ago.  However, last year when he went to his first board meeting with Things To Come Missions he felt God calling him to be a missionary to Malaysia.  Shortly after, he asked Todd to come to Washington to pastor at CMBC.  For the past year, Tim and Judy have been traveling the United States telling people of his calling and raising financial support.

 CMBC Praise Team

 Bill Frey on his electric guitar playing "People Need the Lord."

It was quite an emotional morning. Judy was not able to sing due to all the emotions but read us the lyrics of her song.  I would love to get a copy of that song for us to learn and sing in church.
 Tim sharing his heart.
 Ben Anderson, president of Things To Come Missions, presented the challenge to accept the call to Malaysia which, of course, Tim and Judy accepted.
 The elder board of CMBC and Ben Anderson laid hands on Tim and Judy to commission them to the Lord and His work.
 After the service it was time to head downstairs to eat.  There was a ton of food to enjoy.  It was exciting to have all of Tim and Judy's friends and family here to celebrate with us.
 Even Marsha made it to the service.  What an amazing woman!! Despite all of her physical difficulties she never ceases to praise the Lord!
 Dirk at the grill.
Ben Anderson visiting with Chris and Brent Townley.

A couple of hours after the service, Tim and Judy left for Seattle.  Early the next morning they flew out of Seattle to begin their journey.  They were scheduled to arrive in Malaysia at 4am Wednesday  morning.

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