Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Goodies

Whew!  I am finally getting caught up with the activities from the last week and a half.  If you are just tuning in you might want to scroll down and take a peak of a few of the highlights from the past week.  Between birthday parties, snow falls, Christmas programs, and fun activities we seem to have been really busy.  By the end of the day I just didn't have it in me to sit down and blog.  But the time has come to load up the pictures and give you a few highlights. 

Today, I invited the youth group to come over to the house to make Christmas goodies with me.  I love baking and creating in the kitchen but I don't need to have a counter full of sugary goodies tempting me and getting in the way of my weight loss journey.  So I decided to invite the youth to come over, help make all the goodies, and then let them take the goodies home with them.  Five teens decided to come over and join in the fun and we did have some fun.

We made chocolate covered reindeer, snowmen, peanut butter balls, peanut butter blossoms, and lady fingers. The kids also played some foosball, pictionary, and just had fun being silly.

Our first goodie was the reindeer cookies.  These are nutter butter cookies covered in chocolate bark with pretzels for antlers, a red hot nose, and sugar eyes.  Most of these  look they way they are supposed to but leave it to teenagers to press the boundaries and you get this....

  or this....
I think you can call this one Road Kill!

Even the peanut butter balls took on unique shapes.  Ariah made a snowman out of her, Jordan made a heart, and Bonnie created a pyramid.  Oh well.  They taste the same no matter what shape they take.

Then there were the snowmen.  These were also made out of nutter butters but this time covered in white chocolate with chocolate chips for buttons and buttercream frosting for scarfs, hats, and whatever the kids cold dream up.

Susan joined in on the fun.  She kept the kitchen in order and helped to keep things running smoothly.

Everyone went home with a plate for a variety of goodies and I got to spend a fun day with some really cool kids.

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