Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finally Free

Little did I know that less than twenty four hours after my last post so much would happen.  On Monday, July 6 Todd spent the evening tamping down the dirt in the foundation forms hoping it would pass inspection for the concrete pour.  That, however, was the least of concerns.  At 3:30am  Tuesday morning Todd's mom called to inform us that his dad was declining and the family needed to come in.  Todd's dad had been in the hospital since Wednesday evening as his alzheimer's had progressed and his aggression had increased to the point that he could not be managed.  911 was called and after five hours in the ER he was admitted to the hospital.  The doctors began the task of finding a medication that would help control his aggression but for whatever reason, his body shut down.  The whole family filled his room, shared stories, sang songs, and by 6:45am Don Ells went home to be with the Lord.  It was a sad yet glorious day.  He was free from the disease.  The burden of caring for him was lifted.  The worries for his well-being and for Susan's well-being were over. 

Tuesday was a blurr.  Todd and I finally got home sometime after eight, fixed breakfast and tried to figure out what to do with our day.  I managed to go into the church to take care of immediate concerns.  Todd and his brother, Mike, spent the morning at their moms house.  After lunch Todd and I had to go back to Wenatchee to sign the final papers on our construction loan and went out to dinner to "celebrate the finalization of our loan" and to regroup from the day.

Life goes on.  Wednesday was spent recapping Kinderfest with the Chamber.  I remembered we left all of the leftover cupcakes in the downtown gazebo basement.  oops!  Thursday the boys and I got dress clothes and went Costco shopping to get ready for Vacation Bible Adventure and the memorial while Todd monitored the concrete guys pour the footings for our house.  Friday was a quiet day with Bonnie working, Bryce spending the day with his friend and Brian hanging out at the river.  I tried to get all of my cooking that needed be done for the next two days done.  Saturday the VBA crew from Shoreline arrived and now they are doing final preparations for a week of VBA.  Sometime in all of this we will continue to help Todd's mom with the Memorial Service preparations, food preparations for the service, and decorations for the memorial table. 

In short, we are emotionally and physically exhausted.  Yearning for a break.  A mental, emotional break more than a physical break.  Seeking peace in all of this chaos.  In two weeks all three kids go to camp.  Maybe then Todd and I can find that quiet place.  Until then we will plug on.

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