Friday, June 19, 2015


I finally have some time to write. Most likely I will be concluding this blog at the end of this year.  I just can't find the time to do it anymore.   To give you an update....this week Bonnie and I have been at Washington state university for orientation.  Today is the last day. In just a couple of hours she will register for classes and will be all set to attend this fall.  August will be insane as we strive to drive to Tennessee and back before dropping Bonnie off for school.

In other news. .. we are still looking at building our house. Yesterday we finally got our building permit and septic permit. Now all we need is our loan.  The bank said our home is in a flood zone and therefore need flood insurance. However we are not and are trying to prove otherwise without spending lots of money and fighting FEMA.   The bank appraiser has appraised the home for more than we are borrowing and has confirmed that we are not in a flood zone. Hopefully that is good enough for the bank and the loan will go through today or Monday.
Tomorrow a group of friends from over the mountains are coming over to help us get the land ready to build on.  They told me not to worry about preparing for their arrival which is good since I haven't been home for a few days and won't be home til late to night.
In all the stress of managing the church,  preparing for Bonnie to go to school, vacation and prepping to go back in the classroom is weighing heavily on Todd and I. I see no rest this summer. I see no rest this year.  Trying to keep my focus on  God and lean on Him for His strength because I need it.

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