Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Bonnie's opted to do her end of year history project on her family genealogy.  She is to trace her family line back to when her ancestors came to America.  Her project has prompted me to connect with my cousins and set up an account to map everything out.  As relatives have heard what I am doing more documents have been emailed to me giving me more information.  Bonnie informed me that she only needed to trace back ONE line and find only ONE ancestor that came over, NOT EVERY ancestor.  lol....

Genealogy is addicting.  I think my genealogist cousins would attest to that.  So my latest news was about my Meeks family tree.  It turns out that as you trace back their history you will discover that as they made the move from West Virginia to Indiana they spent some time in Kentucky.  While in Kentucky, Daniel Boone would frequently visit their home and spend time with them.  Cool! 

My plan this summer is to spend time taking all of the stories and info that my family is sending my way and putting it down on the ancestry website so that future generations will have it.  In fact, I think I will start sharing those stories here so that I will have it to share with family.

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