Sunday, May 25, 2014

Winding Down the Year

School is winding down...I wish life was....sigh...

Two more weeks and we can close the book on this school year.  Already, I have begun making plans for next year, however, when I think I have it all planned out something comes up and makes me reconsider my plans.  This is what I know, Bonnie will attend a second year at Wenatchee Valley College and finish the requirements for an Associates of Art degree.  The one hiccup is that I learned she will most likely have to take the Washington State history class to receive her high school diploma, so we will have to figure out how to accomplish that.  I don't think they have a course at the college for it.  Brian will attend Cascade High School next year.  He has resigned himself to that fact and seems to be dealing better with each day.  My dilemma is what to do with Bryce.  This year has helped me focus on what areas we need to concentrate on next year.  I had decided to purchase the Institute for Excellence in Writing and make writing our main area of focus. We would use Apologia General Science.  I already have the book.  More importantly, I have the book on mp3 which is important for Bryce since reading is a struggle for him.  For history we will continue to work our way through history.  We left off this year with President Grover Cleveland, so we will pick up with him and work our way through current events.  For math Bryce is planning on finishing up 7th grade math during the summer so that he can start Pre-Algebra next year.

All of that sounds great, but last weekend another home school mom told me about a co-op in Wenatchee and encouraged me to look into it.  I have heard about one of the co-op teachers ever since we moved here, and how awesome he is. Now I am thinking this might be the best route for Bryce next year.  The co-op meets once a week in the mornings.  I could sign Bryce up for an English class that focuses on writing, a spelling class that uses a curriculum that I already own, and a Pre-Algebra class.  (They use Saxon.)  The benefits of the co-op is that Bryce will be accountable to another teacher, have a group of kids to meet with, and it will help him make that transition to high school when the time comes.  The cons are $$$. is a matter I need to pray over this summer. 

Let's just say that in two weeks you might just hear this gal let out a sigh of relief.  This year can't end soon enough.

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