Saturday, May 3, 2014

Apple Blossom

Today Bonnie performed her first duty as the Distinguished Young Woman of Leavenworth by walking in the Apple Blossom Parade in Wenatchee with Leavenworth's Autumn Leaf Festival Float and Royal Ladies.
 The parade started at 11 am this morning.  Floats had to be on sight at 8 am.  Fortunately, Bonnie didn't have to be there that early.  We did arrive an hour early which gave us time to walk around and visit the other floats.  Bonnie found her dream car while we meandered around. 

 Bonnie with her chaperone, David Severance, also known as, Father Christmas at the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festivals.
 Bonnie with Leavenworth's new Royal Lady, Cindy Puckett.
Bonnie with the Royal Bavarians.

While waiting for the parade to start, all the royalty from all the floats gathered together and started line dancing.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  At one point, the got all of the girls to gather around the Leavenworth float and do our traditional dance, The Chicken Dance!

 After the dancing everyone got on their floats and then it was time to wait some more.  Our float was number 87.  They said it takes about a minute a float to get in position and go so if you do the math that means it takes over an hour after the parade starts before our float would even head out the gate. 

 Bonnie receiving some last minute instructions on how to chicken dance.  Bonnie and the Royal Bavarians chicken danced all the way down the three mile parade route.
Finally off!
I really didn't get to see the parade.  Bonnie wanted me to hang out with her until they left and since the parade had already been going for an hour there was no way for me to run down to watch it .  I did hang around the gate to watch the final entries that left after Bonnie.  Then headed to the car to wait for Bonnie's chaperone to deliver her back to me.
She and I had a lot of fun today. 
Guess what?  We get to do it all over again next week.

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