Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frustrations with wava

They are hanging up Christmas lights in Leavenworth.  Guess that means the holidays are around the corner.  Some of my fb friends in Tn. Said they were on fall break.  This school year I could really use a break.  I'm fried!

Just when we thought we had Brian's school all figured out the teachers, ahem, teacher,screwed everything up.  Ugh!  I really don't like my sons English teacher.  My first beef is how she labels her lessons.  Every teacher has a calendar on their class web page with the daily assignments listed.  You find out what your assignment is for that day on the class calendar, find it on the sidebar, click on it, and do the assignment.  This teacher labels the assignments one way on her calendar, I.e. lesson 5 direct objects, but labels them differently on the side bar, I.e. day 33.  I never know what day we are on so we have to go hunting and searching through the days until we can match up the right lesson.  Valuable time is wasted.  I finally got smart and staring tracking our school days on the calendar.  Another beef is she gave out a writing  assignment and told the students that they could not write their rough drafts until she returned their planning papers, but then she couldn't return their planning papers on time due to some conflict and delayed the assignment for a week, then after the week told everyone that whether or not they got their planning papers returned to go ahead and write their rough draft since the rough draft and final draft was late.  Brian went ahead and wrote his paper and submitted it as a rough draft and final draft.  The bad part is it messed up his schedule and he had to do a lot of doubling up in English.  The latest frustration has been this week.  Every teacher conducts a live class that the students are required to attend.  The English class was scheduled for Friday noon but there have been a lot of conflicts so she rescheduled to have the class on Mondays at noon.  That means Brian has a 10, 12, & 2 o'clock class on Monday.  Somehow though the new scheduled erased the link to his 10 o'clock class which means he had to listen to a recording and make up the class later this week.  The teacher also told her class not to take their test that was scheduled for Monday until after they had sat through her class.  Too late....Brian had already taken the test.  Ugh!  To make a 12 o'clock class we have to close the church early so we can rush home and log onto the computer to sign into the class on time.  Fifteen minutes after class started she informed the students that the lesson for the day was test review and if you had taken the test to sign out.  Ugh!  She also informed the students that she was going to have another live class on Tuesday.  Again, that means Brian would have three classes back to back.  Ugh.  Ugh!
Despite all the live class sessions the teachers are still requiring daily work to be done.  We have had some long drawn out days this week and I am tired.

On the positive side Brian is doing much better at doing the work.

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