Friday, January 18, 2013


Blogging has not been on the top of my list this month.  Sorry about that.  Bonnie took her first eoc (end of course) exam on Wednesday.  She feels  really good about it.  This  morning she took her geometry eoc.  She is still making a's in all of her classes so I am not too worried for her.

Todd has come down with the crud. He stayed home from school yesterday and today.  Today I got the awesome privilege (that is sarcasm by the way) of taking the boys to the ski slopes with Todd's school.  They had two hours worth of lessons and now, after eating lunch, are back on the slopes to ski for another two hours.  I think that is about all I can stand.  Sitting in the ski lodge for four/five hours is not how I wanted to spend my day.  Oh well.

Todd and I are dreaming.  We are dreaming about purchasing some property and building a house.  The bank says we can do it and for less than what we are paying in rent.  We have a contractor and all the paper work, we just have to settle on a house plan and work out the minor detail of settling matters of purchasing the proper from my mother in law and her sisters.  We have had this dream for years, literally years, like before kids years.  For whatever reason we keep coming back to this property.  I have given the matter to The Lord more than once and I am quite prepared for Him to say No, not yet.  Right now my prayer is for Him to slam the door shut if this is not the best thing for us.
Time will tell and I will keep you posted.

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