Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I noticed my last post got cut off...sigh...that's was more of me venting, unloading,  dealing with my pent up emotions..,,.

Life is slowly getting back to normal.   Bryce and I are once again at co-op although today is our last day for this quarter.  We get two weeks off then he will have one more quarter before summer break.  I have had hopes of continuing with this group next year, but a Leavenworth home school mom has asked me if our church will host a Classical Conversation co-op next year.  If that works out, we might join them, but there will be a lot to consider such as will they have enough students for Bryce's grade, teachers, etc.  of course, there is a possibility of me teaching which will pay for his tuition, etc.  

On a totally different topic, Todd and I signed the papers with the bank to start the construction loan process...eekkk!!   Exciting....Scary....  The next step is for the bank to appraise the land and verify that it is a good investment.  A geological survey was done last Saturday and they gave us the green light to proceed.  This Saturday Todd will start digging out the hill.  A church member has offered his CAT to help with the excavation.  Of course, as always, when you make a big financial decision everything falls apart.  Our vans transmission decided to act up and this time Todd is just too drained to deal with it. It is not like he has spent every weekend for the past three months fixing things on the vehicles, so we are letting the pros fix it...cha...Ching!   Oh well.  Thank goodness for tax refunds.

So here we are....praying for guidance one day at a time concerning parenting, schooling, vehicles, housing, ministry....

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